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Self-Study Irish Language Courses


Rosetta Stone V3

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The complete Rosetta Stone V3 Irish program
consists of 12 units divided in three different levels of 4 units each.  Each level is sold separately. 

Each unit has four lessons which consist of a "core lesson", and a number of supplementary activities.  Every unit also contains a ten-minute simulated conversation called a "Milestone."


Rosetta Stone V3 Irish Level 1 has been designed to build a foundation of essential vocabulary and language structure. Starting from simple vocabulary such as basic greetings, "boy", "girl", "man", and "woman", moving up through numbers, comparisons, adjectives, nouns, future tense, and telling time

The four units in Level 1 cover:

The Basics: Nouns, verbs, adjectives, numbers, questions, colors, clothing.

Friends and Family: Ages, family relations, household items, introductions, landmarks, states, descriptions.

Work and School: Times of day, greetings, calendar terms, body parts, speaking, personal hygiene.

Shopping: Buying, selling and shopping; entertainment and sports; merchandise, speed and weight, comparing and contrasting.


Rosetta Stone V3 Irish Level 2 offers units 5 through 8,  designed to teach you to "navigate your surroundings as you build on the vocabulary and essential language structure in Level 1.  Past and future tenses, as well as imperative forms are included. Topics such as giving directions, writing letters, workplace terms, apologies, discussing emotions, and critiquing art are also covered.

The four units in Level 2 cover:

Travel: Destinations, transportation, directions, locations, telling time, distance, cost, weather.

Past and Future: Tenses, letter writing, school subjects, signs, workplace terms, polite requests.

Friends and Social Life: Months of the year, arrivals and departures, social interaction, celebrations, meal courses, quality terms, apologies.

Dining and Vacation: Future tense; terms for art, architecture and music; emotions, places of worship, travel and lodging.


Rosetta Stone V3 Irish Level 3 offers the final four units (9 through 12), which have been designed to help you connect with the world around by building on the language fundamentals and conversational skills you developed in Levels 1 and 2.   Level 3 teaches more in depth vocabulary.

The four units in Level 3 cover:

Home and Health: Terms for home, garden and backyard activities; household items and appliances; terms for strength and physical activity.

Life and World: Emotions, continents, life milestones, oceans, botanical terms, terms for animals.

Places and Events: Opinion and judgments, currency exchange and transactions; measurements, household repair tools, culinary terms.

Talking About the World: Nationalities, governmental leaders, political terms, media terms, business terms, religious terms. Doing things!


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