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Rosetta Stone V3

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Created by Fairfield Language Technologies in 1992, the Rosetta Stone language learning program is a software based language learning system which teaches Irish through image association. No translation, no rote memorization and no grammar explanations.

The Rosetta Stone Irish program teaches listening, reading, writing and speaking skills by utilizing a technique Rosetta Stone calls Dynamic Immersion. This method utilizes a combination of images, text, and sound to help you learn Irish through image association.

Besides of  learning Irish on your computer, Rosetta Stone offers the possibility to reinforce on-the-go with Audio Companion™,  a multiple-CD set to play or download to your MP3 player.   The Audio Companion activities match the lessons in Rosetta Stone software, so you will practice what you've learned.  You'll hear and repeat questions and answers that you'll use later to communicate in your new language.

This is how the program works:

rs005.jpg (7237 bytes)You will be presented with sets of images with a spoken or written word/phrase in the new language.   Then, the program will prompt you to make connections between images you already understand and the new language. You will advance to the next set of images once you've successfully matched words and images correctly.  In time, words become phrases, then full sentences.

The Rosetta Stone program also includes a speech recognition program which shows you how you're doing with your pronunciation.


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