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Visual Link Spanish™
Windows® and Macintosh® Compatible

vlink1.jpg (11431 bytes)Visual Link™ Spanish program makes learning to speak Spanish a nice experience.
It is easy to use, interactive and most importantly, it really works!
This interactive course teaches you to start speaking Spanish by focusing on sentence structure, not just vocabulary. You learn Spanish words in context, along with other complimentary words, to form complete sentences and phrases. You don't just learn the words, you learn to speak and communicate in Spanish.

The language you learn with the Visual Link™ Spanish learning software is language you will use everyday.

The Visual Link™ Spanish Complete Course includes:

1 Interactive CD-ROM
A program designed for ease of operation, using advanced Visualization Techniques to help boost your retention of the things you are learning.  This course utilizes a number of different Learning Styles.  It inlcudes

Interactive Movies (49 lessons)
Vocabulary Exercises (26 lessons)
Review Game (38 Games)
Verbal Quizzes (37 Quizzes)
Practice Quizzes (Written) (13 Quizzes)

1 Pronunciation CD-ROM
This computer CD-ROM contains 28 Interactive lessons to help individuals learn correct Spanish pronunciation.

10 Audio CDs
Because you can't always be at your computer to learn, the course contains 10 sound CD's so you can review in your car or anywhere you have a cd player.   This way you learn the entire course on computer CD-ROM and then review the complete course using portable audio CD's.

1 Conversational Manual
The Mini manual (pocket-sized: 5.5" x 4") is a complete reference containing the whole program. Every other component of the course is built around the Mini Manual.

1 Carrying Case


Where to buy?

Visual Link™ Spanish Complete Course can be bought directly from the manufacturerClick here to buy it today.




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