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English Courses in New Zealand

WLCNZ Institute
English Language Schools in New Zealand


WLCNZ Institute offers English courses for speakers of English as a second language, including kiwi culture in the lessons and weekly class trips. The institute is located in the heart of Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand and the main centre for education, business and culture. There are clean and unspoiled beaches, hot springs, glaciers, mountains, and lakes in New Zealand. The landscape is fresh and green and the sky is clear and blue.  WLCNZ Institute's teachers take the students on New Zealand activities visiting beaches, forests, shopping centres, restaurants and parks.

WLCNZ Institute offers a multi-cultural environment, organizing mixed classes for this purpose, modern facilities, an Information Centre, a students learning centre, facilities for application to enter universities and institutes of technology, overseas fax and E-mail service, etc.

There are different English programmes available at WLCNZ Institute.  The Academic English (Level5) helps students improve their IELTS test scores and introduce them to university studies. To apply this course, the participants must be 16 years and over and must have scored an overall score of 4.0 or more on an IELTS test or complete the upper intermediate General English course at WLCNZ Institute.  General English courses are taught at all levels, in full time or in part time studies. These courses include speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and New Zealand culture.   There is also a General English programme for teenagers (14 to 16 years old) and a TOEFL and TOEIC preparation course.  This course helps the students communicate in a business environment and it is designed to help students pass TOEFL and/or TOEIC test. TOEFL and TOEIC test can be organized when students complete the course, because WLCNZ Institute is an authorized TOEFL and TOEIC test centre.

WLCNZ Institute offers a homestay service, where students will live with friendly New Zealand KIWI families and will have an opportunity to speak English in a natural environment. If prefered, WLCNZ Institute can book accommodation for its students in a motel or hostel. There is also possible to stay in apartments or flats.


WLCNZ Institute
Level 3, 154 Queen Street
PO Box 105-365, Auckland, New Zealand
Telephone : 0064-9-3695166
Facsimile :   0064-9-3695177

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