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Learn Dutch in Holland (The Netherlands)

Easy Dutch Plus
Dutch Language School in The Netherlands (Holland)

ebar101-2.jpg (12978 bytes)Easy Dutch Plus was founded by the coordinator Ton Tijhuis in 1990. The school is conviently located in the old historical and culturally rich centre of Amsterdam at a 5 minutes walk from the floating flowermarket. The pleasant cosmopolitan atmosphere in its classes makes learning an enjoyable and successful experience. Easy Dutch Plus applies many modern and highly approved methods to meet clients' personal or professional requirements. Students' specific needs are evaluated before commencing a course in order to ensure their lessons are structured accordingly. If requested, it offers special programmes tailored to clients' specific professional needs.

There is a broad choice of possible courses including group classes for 4 to 8 persons as well as individual classes. Students can also choose to take a suitable combination of both.  Children (6 and up) are equally welcome to follow a language course. There are also special intensive courses and Summer courses, as well as preparation courses for the Staatsexamen Nederlands als tweede taal  (State Examination for Dutch as a Second Language) or for the Certificate of the International Certificate Conference.  International Literature and Poetry classes are also offered.

Easy Dutch Plus language courses take place at a conveniently located school office, in the very heart of Amsterdam.   In addition to Dutch language instruction, the school offers courses of English, French and other European languages.  The team is a select group of native speaking multilingual professional teachers, each one having vast experience teaching students of many nationalities.

In addition to the language programmes, Easy Dutch Plus provides activity programmes where students can gain a cultural insight into their new environment.  Upon request, the school can procure a limited number of private addresses for those who follow a course at the institute and who need an accommodation in Amsterdam during that period.


Easy Dutch Plus
Leidsestraat 32
1017 PB Amsterdam (Centrum)


Tel. 0031 (0)20 4221906
or 0031 (0)6 50677858
Tel./Fax. 0031 (0)20 4221906


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